Mistress Mercy – Hard for My Waste – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Hard for My Waste - Club Stiletto

“Here’s my ass cleaner all ready and waiting for me” sexy Mistress Mercy says as she walks into the dungeon where her slave is waiting on the floor for her to come sit on his face. She sits and tells him to smell her through the fabric of her dirty outfit. The slaves dick is already twitching so she tells him to stroke it but no coming without her permission.

“Look how hard he gets just listening to me talk about him being my full toilet” she says. She grinds his face with her ass, it’s a pretty sight seeing her butt cheeks shift from side to side, and talks dirty to him saying he probably wants to post their kinky activities on social media so everyone knows what he’s really like. She looks at you now and says “I bet you’d like to eat from me too.” She asks which of the two of you want it more. Now she moves the stained fabric to expose her asshole and tells the slave to get his tongue deep in in her. “Tell me how much you want to be my toilet” she tells him. Maybe after I fill your mouth I’ll let you cum and you can eat that too” she tells him. She says that next weekend she is thinking of using him as the party toilet. The poor slave is hard as a rock and desperate to cum especially when she tells him to open his mouth and take everything she is about to give him. What an honor to be a toilet for such a gorgeous woman!

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Mistress Mercy - Hard for My Waste - Club Stiletto

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