Mistress Mercy – I bet you’d Love to be My Toilet – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - I bet you'd Love to be My Toilet - Club Stiletto

Gorgeous Mistress Mercy has her slave in the cage waiting for her while she is out and about. “Right where I left you” she says to him as she approaches the slave and slaps his face. “Are you ready to eat my ass, today?” she asks him. “Yes please” he replies. She hops up on the cage facing him, revealing her gorgeous 8″ stiletto boots, and has him first sniff her pussy through the fabric of her outfit. This is only a tease though, no slave gets her pussy, he is here to lick her ass and be her toilet. She tells the slave to undo the snap on her crotch with his teeth. He struggles but gets it done and her sweet pussy and ass are revealed.She orders him to get his tongue deep in her ass and you get some hot closeup views of her pussy and ass and his tongue licking her asshole. Mercy is always so calm and composed, never demanding because she knows her slaves will do anything to please her. She asks him if he will be a good toilet and swallow everything without any messes. He says he will so she turns around so she can sit on his face. She tells him to get his tongue deep inside her, to loosen her up. “I love feeling it come out and go all the way down his throat” she says, telling him to wrap his lips around her butthole. She looks at the camera, smiles and says “He’s so hungry.”

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Mistress Mercy - I bet you'd Love to be My Toilet - Club Stiletto

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