Mistress Mercy – There’s no Tap Out rules Here – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - There's no Tap Out rules Here - Club Stiletto

Super sexy Mistress Mercy is naked and in the process of sitting on her slaves face as this scene opens. “I bet you’ve been thinking about having your tongue up my ass all day, haven’t you?” she asks him. She sits without letting him breathe and she says “I love when slaves struggle beneath me.” The slave taps her ass and turns his head to breathe and is scolded by Mercy who says “There’s no tap out rules here, you do what I want.” She sits firmly on his face once again. Nice upward angles of her perfect ass (and entire body) as it buries the slaves face. She rocks back and forth and wiggles her ass without lifting up to test his ability and desire to hold his breath. When she finally gets up the slave gasps, frantically trying to fill his lungs.

Instead of sitting down though she now leans forward a bit and tells him to lick her ass which he eagerly does. “This gets me so horny” she says as she starts to fondle her pussy. Mercy then turns around to sit on the slaves face making it easier for him to rim her. She continues to play with herself until she eventually comes all over his face. She stands up and tells him to keep that on his face as his cologne and sends him off to his business meeting before sitting on the chair to give you one final tease of her luscious nude body. She touches her pussy and smiles!

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Mistress Mercy - There's no Tap Out rules Here - Club Stiletto

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