Mistress Mercy – Mercy’s Stool Bound Ass licker – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Mercy's Stool Bound Ass licker - Club Stiletto

Gorgeous Mistress Mercy has her slave bound to a stool, where she says he has been all day. As the scene opens she is sitting on the stool with her ass lining up perfectly with the slaves face. She is wearing a sexy mesh top and panties but if he impresses her she says she will take her panties off so he can give her a deep rimming and maybe be her human toilet. She looks at you and says “If you were here I’d have you worshiping my feet.” The camera scrolls down to her perfect feet and toes. Her entire body is so worshipable. “Does my ass smell musky?” she asks the slave adding “Because I just used the toilet and I never wipe, that’s what I have you for.” She has him first sniff her crack then kiss each butt cheek to show his devotion. Her cheeks hanging over the chair look amazing.She gets up and removes her panties so the slave can attend to her asshole. She sits back on the stool and tells him to look at her dirty hole then to clean it with his tongue. The slave licks eagerly. She calls him a dirty little ass licker. She wiggles her ass while he licks and upward views give you an eye popping view. “Maybe I’ll leave you secured her for the party tonight” she tells him.

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Mistress Mercy - Mercy's Stool Bound Ass licker - Club Stiletto

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