Mistress Mercy – Face sitting leads to Toilet slavery – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Step-Daddy Downfall - Face sitting leads to Toilet slavery - Club Stiletto

Check out the entire step-Daddy Downfall series HERE. In this scene Mercy has step-Dad, Mick, on the bed because she wants to train him to hold his breath so she can use his face as a cushion when watching movies. She climbs onto him and brings her luscious bubble butt down on his face. “I like everything better when my ass is being licked” she tells him. He starts licking and she tells him she purposely left it dirty for him. She laughs at his little cock and tells him all her boyfriends are so hung. She has previously made him eat cum from her pussy and ass. She asks what his wife might think if she saw what they were doing. “I think shed leave you instantly and then youd lose me too” she tells him, grinding her ass hard into his face. “Youd lose your trophy wife and shed take you for everything youre worth” she adds. Mercy takes every opportunity to remind him that she has no shortage of blackmail material and he has to do what she says no questions asked, no matter what she has in mind. “Ive done so many nasty things to him already” she says looking at the camera. Mercy tells mick she is a bit gassy and leans forward and blows a wet sounding fart in his face causing him to grimace. “I cant think of anything more humiliating than farting in your face all the time” she tells him. “Ill be in the kitchen and tell you I have to fart and youll have to crawl in and take it” she tells him. She farts again to reinforce the point. Now she tells him that farts are just a warm up and today she has decided he will now become her full toilet. “Soon youll be begging me to do it” she tells him and then orders him to open his mouth. “I want to hear you chewing” she says and as he does she adds “Youre now my toilet.”

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Mistress Mercy - Step-Daddy Downfall - Face sitting leads to Toilet slavery - Club Stiletto

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