Mistress Mercy – Nothing Dirtier or More Rewarding – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Nothing Dirtier or More Rewarding - Club Stiletto

“I haven’t had my ass licked in over an hour” Mistress Mercy says as she walks into the dungeon where one slave is in the cage and the other laying on top of it. Even licking Mistress Mercy’s ass once an hour isn’t enough for her slaves who think about it 24/7. She hops up onto the cage into a reverse position and sits her amazing plump ass down on the slaves face. “You don’t mind that the other slave was just licking my ass, do you?” she says. “No Mistress” he replies. No slave in their right mind is going to care in what state Mercy’s ass might be in, it’s always an honor to lick it.

She lifts up her skirt and wiggles her ass on his face. So seductive. Her feet are up so feet lovers get an extra treat with this clip as her soles are fully exposed. She settles on the slaves face because while she loves feeling a tongue up her asshole she also loves watching a slave kick as he runs out of oxygen. She lifts her arms to reveal her armpits. You’ll want to smell and lick them. Next she unsnaps her panties so the slave can lick up and down her crack and into her hole. “Get it clean so my boyfriend can fuck me” she tells him adding that maybe when he’s done he’ll stick his dick in the slaves mouth. It’ll be a mix of his cum and her ass juice. Slaves should love the dirtiest things, no shame when it comes to serving your Goddess. She asks the slave below if he is jealous and he admits he is. She reminds them that they are constantly competing for her attention. Now you get a great upward view of her ass wiggling on the slaves face. Would you do anything for Mistress Mercy to be in this slaves place?

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Mistress Mercy - Nothing Dirtier or More Rewarding - Club Stiletto

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