Mistress Mercy – Surprise Im Dripping Cum – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Step Daddy Downfall - Surprise Im Dripping Cum - Club Stiletto

Step-Daddy walks into his bedroom and is shocked to see Mercy laying on his bed naked with cum dripping from her pussy and all over her body. “Why are you in my bedroom?” he asks. “Your bed is more comfortable when I have my boyfriends over to fuck me” she tells him. As the city Mayor, mick is in a tough position. Why did he ever make the mistake of sniffing and licking his step-daughters panties, but he had no idea she had a in his bedroom. Now if he doesn’t do what she says Mercy threatens to tell his wife and expose him to everyone.

“I have a job for you, I need this cum licked up” Mercy says as she sticks her fingers in her pussy to reveal all the cum. “He came so much, there’s so much for you to clean up” she purrs as she rubs the cum on her foot. step-Daddy dutifully licks up the cum but protests by saying “I don’t like cum.” Mercy replies, “Don’t worry you’re going to learn to love it.” Mercy tells him she’s the type of girl that is not satisfied with just one boyfriend and he’ll be cleaning up after all of them. She takes more cum onto her fingers and sticks them in his mouth. The talk gets really hot as she talks about inviting the football, soccer and basketball teams over to fuck her and how he’ll be fluffing and cleaning up after all of them. She even promises him a bukkake party because she wants to see load after load running down step-Daddy’s face and into his mouth. Now she tells him to get on the bed because he has a lot of cleanup still to do. Mercy enjoys a beverage while Mick licks and then she takes more photos to add to her collection. She makes him look at the camera and videos him saying he loves cum and that he’ll swallow every mans cum. She humiliates him further by saying she shows pics of his little dick to her girlfriends and some of them want to come over and piss on him and use him just like she does. “What a scandal if all these photos got out to the voting public” she tells him, encouraging him to make sure he licks up every drop. Mercy continues to verbally humiliate him until all the cum is licked up, she then sends him to kneel in the corner, where he can think about his future.

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Mistress Mercy - Step Daddy Downfall - Surprise Im Dripping Cum - Club Stiletto

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