Miss Sadie – My Asshole is your Target – Club Stiletto

Miss Sadie - My Asshole is your Target - Club Stiletto

Sizzling Miss Sadie approaches her slave who is laying on top of the cage waiting for Her Ass. She tells him to beg for it and he does with real desperation in his voice. She hops up on the cage like a cat and tells him to beg more. As he starts begging again she sits on his face muffling his plea. “Look at this” she says, “He’s dripping cum.” She scoops it up, stands up on the cage and sticks the gooey finger in his mouth. Kudos to the camera man who quickly comes around to catch a beautiful view of Sadie from the backside. She sits back down on his face and notices even more cum dripping from him. She torments him by rubbing his cock a bit.”You’re so lucky” Sadie tells him and then sees that he actually moves to stroke his own cock. She grabs it and says he should remember who owns it and she could have it removed if she wants. She squeezes his balls and slaps his dick. Bad slave! Now Sadie settles in on his face for some deep rimming. She then tells him to stroke himself and gyrates her ass on his face. “Dig” she tells him demanding his tongue get deep inside her ass. Sadie decides to give the slave a count down to cum. She tells him if he cums however he doesn’t get to lick her ass for a week. Between a rock and a hard place but the slave can’t control himself and as she counts down to three he blows his load. Sadie calls him a disgusting pig and gets off and makes him use his hands and fingers to scoop up all the cum and eat it.

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Miss Sadie - My Asshole is your Target - Club Stiletto

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