Mistress Mercy – Loser Cum Facial – Club Stiletto

Mistress Mercy - Loser Cum Facial - Club Stiletto

Gorgeous and controlling Mistress Mercy had a contest between two slaves. One slave gets to cum the other has to take a facial from the other. The loser is blindfolded so he’s not sure when the load is coming. Mercy helps the winner by stroking his cock and massaging his balls and Mercy tells the loser “Maybe I have more than one guy here, you don’t know, it could be a bukkake surprise.” The poor slave is dreading it more than the worst beating, at least judging by the look on his face. He doesn’t like cum, lol. “You will be tasting the cum all night and some will be left to dry on your face” she tells the caged slave.

Meanwhile, the other slave is rock hard, maybe from Mercy’s touch or maybe from the idea of covering his competitor in cum. “Maybe I should make him stick it in your mouth” she says to the slave. She then asks him if he wants the cock in his mouth or just the cum. He has no choice but to say that he just wants the cum. “I knew you were a homo” she says with a laugh. Doh! Ultimately the winning slave is begging for release, he hasn’t cum in a few months. “Slaves should get used to eating cum” Mercy says. The losing slave now has to beg for the other slaves cum and then it happens he explodes all over the others face and into his mouth. There is cum everywhere. Mercy tells the winning slave to kneel down and eat the cum the other slave missed. Ultimately, all slaves are losers, why should it be any different here! Mercy plans to make these slaves eat cum more often and study the safety of having studs freeze their cum so they can have it in every meal.

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Mistress Mercy - Loser Cum Facial - Club Stiletto

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