Mistress T – Slave to MY Ass – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - Slave to MY Ass - Club Stiletto

Slave to MY Ass Uncle ernie crawls into his niece’s bedroom and starts complaining about the way he is being treated by his evil niece. He is tired of being used, abused, extorted, disrespected, ignored, blackmailed and so many other things. But uncle ernie has a problem. He’s addicted to his niece’s ass and it doesn’t take long before she is sitting on his face and laughing at him as she describes all the further humiliations and indignities that she has planned for him. Including the serving of her girlfriends. His niece then removes her white cotton knickers and presents her asshole for him to lick clean as she continues to sit on his face. She knows he will never be man enough to get out from under her spell. She owns him and serving her will be what he can expect for the rest of his pathetic life.

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Mistress T - Slave to MY Ass - Club Stiletto

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