Queen Aryal – Your Face Is My Throne – Domina Planet

Queen Aryal - Your Face Is My Throne - Domina Planet

Queen Aryal is training Her newest slave to worship Her sacred pussy and to make Her cum because his cock is locked away in a pink chastity tube and he is going to be cleaning Her creampies. She climbs on top of him and tells him that he is going to actually learn how to please a woman for the first time.

She tells him “Your face is my throne, bitch”. She starts off teasing him, with Her perfect pussy, sitting up on his chest and him to look directly into it, and that Her pussy is now his Mistress and Master. She takes Her little finger and pushes inside Her sweet pink folds, getting some delicious juice on Her finger, which She makes him beg to lick clean, over and over. Finally She plants Her pussy directly onto his face for his “Pussy Domination” session.

She tells him to “Lick like a good puppy, get Your tongue in deeper. Say ‘woof-woof’!”. She alternates between smothering him with it, making him beg for more and cropping his thighs. His face starts to disappear deeper and deeper. “Tell me ‘Thank You for treating me like a d*g Mistress. I love being a d*g Mistress’.” Which he of course does. She starts taking longer and longer turns smothering him with Her delicious flower.

“Thank Me for allowing you to beg for it bitch!” – by the time She has cum on his face, he is exhausted and he must say goodbye to his “Master Pussy”.

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Queen Aryal - Your Face Is My Throne - Domina Planet

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