Queen Aryal – Fart Face 13 Tongue Fart Treat – Domina Planet

Queen Aryal - Fart Face 13 Tongue Fart Treat - Domina Planet

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Queen Aryal’s favorite activity is to have a slave tongue rim Her delicious – and now getting quite hairy – Goddess asshole as deeply as possible. Her second favorite is farting in a slave’s face. It’s kind of like that moment someone realized chocolate and peanut butter made a good combo for a candy. Why not combine them?

She has Her ass slave in a reverse hog-tie, so that he is completely immobile, helpless and extremely vulnerable to mistreatment. She’s also blindfolded the pig, just so he can’t see what’s coming. She plops down on his latex covered face and tells him to get his tongue far enough up Her rectum that he can taste a “brownie”. She has clearly stopped shaving and he must navigate through it, but he manages to start gently licking Her brown starfish. She tells him to point his tongue and to start tongue fucking Her hole. He starts bobbing his head back and forth, sinking his tongue deeper and deeper into Her bowels.

She asks him if he’s ready for a fart and tells him he has to beg for it:” Please Mistress, may I smell Your delicious farts?” To which She replies :

“Yes you may, bitch!” and plops Her full weight down onto his face and blasts him in the mouth. He screams but She is smothering him so much you can’t hear it.

She lifts off of him after he has licked up and inhaled every bit of it. He then goes back to tongue fucking and She starts a feeding frenzy of farts into his mouth and onto his tongue, and smothering him while his tongue is deeply embedded in Her asshole, so he can taste the unique bouquet of each of Her flatulent offerings. She finally leaves him to try and recover until Her next gas attack.

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Queen Aryal - Fart Face 13 Tongue Fart Treat - Domina Planet

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