Queen Aryal – Cucky Cum Fart Cleaner – Domina Planet

Queen Aryal – Cucky Cum Fart Cleaner - Domina Planet

Queen Aryal is returning from a night out of debauchery and strolls into the living room where Her cuckold slave has his head in a Queening Chair and is securely chained to it for cleaning Her beautiful pussy and Her cute puckered anus. She strolls in wearing a hot pair of tight PVC pants, that have done a good job of holding everything in. She strips them off with some help from the cuck, and telling him “I have a surprise for you” She plops Her hot little ass down onto his face.

“I had my first big anal experience cucky and I want to share it with you.” to which he replies, “Oh wonderful Mistress, what happened?” She says “I think I’m going to just show you” as the cum starts oozing out of Her asshole onto his tongue. He recoils and asks if it’s cum and She affirms that it is.

“But Mistress, it’s BROWN!”, he complains but She just says “So? You’re going to eat it, cucky. Get busy, bitch!”

He whines and starts to lick the stinky and discolored cum. He gags and chokes a little, and you can hear him breathing through his mouth, trying not to taste or smell what he’s eating.

“I don’t care how gross it is, you’re my cleanup slave and you will lick every drop and suck out the rest from inside my rectum. But since I am a kind Mistress, I am going to give you some assistance.”

As She says this, She blasts cum fart into his face and mouth, he screams in disgust as his face and mouth are showered, but She screams at him to lick it all up and get his tongue farther and farther up Her beautiful asshole. He is whining and retching, but continues to lick up the mixture that She’s sprayed all over him. Suddenly She says “OPEN YOUR MOUTH, NOW!” and blasts another one down his throat. She screams at him to eat it, which he does. This starts a series of wet cum farts emitting from Her asshole that the poor cuckold is to have blasted down his throat, in his face and up his nose.

When he says he thinks he is done, She asks him if he’s sure and not wanting to get the cane, he goes back for final licks everywhere and aggressively sucks on Her asshole, pushing his tongue as deep inside as possible. Finally, he says “Mistress, I can’t taste any more cum or . It’s clean Mistress”.

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Queen Aryal – Cucky Cum Fart Cleaner - Domina Planet

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