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Mistress Queen Aryal - Taste All Of My Flavors, Slave

Queen Aryal is in the home dungeon after a long stressful day at work and a long, traffic jammed commute. She got up late, wasn’t able to shower or change into fresh clothes this morning, had bad diarrhea after lunch and has PMS also – She started spotting at the office. She had Her slave chain itself up to Her Queening Chair, where it is waiting to service Her.

She sits down on the chair after having removed Her jeans (it’s casual Friday at work), telling the slave that She just wants to relax, get Her dirty, sweaty and stinky pussy and ass cleaned up by the slave’s tongue and then also have an orgasm and cum all over the slave’s worthless face. If it’s lucky She may feed it some golden nectar if She’s feeling charitable. She settles down on the slave’s face and informs it to line up its tongue directly with Her pussy:

“Get your stupid tongue directly under my pussy hole, bitch. Good. Now push your tongue up into it as far as you can. Even a stupid slave like you can understand how to do that, right?”

The slave of course says “Yes Mistress!” and commences to lapping away like a starving mutt.

Her pussy has white goo from something – a lunchtime screw with the boss maybe? – and it’s stuck to the slaves chin and in its mouth, but it dares not ask what it’s tasting. But it clearly is bothering the slave as it coughs and tries to not spit out the discharge. She starts bouncing up and down on his tongue and face, smothering him at times when it starts to feel good.

“Yeah, eat it pussy bitch! Suck down everything from my holes, taste all my flavors!”

She has him really tongue fuck Her pussy before getting up and switching to Her pert little ass. Queen Aryal’s favorite activity is to have a slave tongue buried deep in Her bowels – She can have multiple orgasms from this – and plants Her ass down onto the slaves mouth so that both of Her ass cheeks straddle his facial cheeks.

He starts to eagerly suck and lick on the sweaty, dirty and well used anus of his Mistress. Slurping away at it like a nursing kitten. She starts to move Her ass in a rhythm on his face as it feels better and better. She verbally humiliates him as well:

“Can you tell I had the runs today? I must have five times at work. That feels soooo good, my asshole is raw!”

The slave is whimpering and breathing through its mouth when it can, but Queen Aryal starts to ass-fuck his tongue, sliding Her round little ass back and forth so that the pointed slave tongue drives deep into Her bowels, carrying with it any remnants of Her sweat and waste. An efficient and ecologically sound, carbon neutral solution!

“Clean it up slave, You know I always give myself a white glove ass finger-fuck and it better be clean!”

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Mistress Queen Aryal - Taste All Of My Flavors, Slave

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