Queen Aryal – Treasure Hunt In My Asshole – Domina Planet

Queen Aryal - Treasure Hunt In My Asshole - Domina Planet

Queen Aryal is training Her slave to be a toilet slave and is conditioning him in various ways to eventually receive her caviar and golden nectar on a daily basis. The hardest part is getting him accustomed to the smell and taste of Her waste. She has him chained on his back on a sofa, while She waltzes in completely naked except for a pair of thigh high boots.
She tells him that Her ass is dirty and that he will be cleaning it; She also had a big meal with lots of broccoli and now has bad gas – so he will be treated to Her farts as well. She immediately gets on all fours over him with Her gorgeous round ass in his face. “Get your tongue in deep slave, you little nasty fart slave”. He starts digging in, only to discover that Her ass is dirtier than He thought:
“Oh Mistress, what is this?” “Pretend that you’re on an easter egg hunt – looking for chocolate easter eggs this time! Get ready for what is coming. Lap it up like the bitchdog that you are!” Then She asks if he’s ready for Her farts. She raises up and then lowers Her anus onto his mouth and blasts a wet sounds pop fart into his face. He starts to moan in disgust but She plants Her asshole directly onto his mouth and then pushes out a couple more, making him thank Her profusely for the honor. “Thank You for my chocolate easter egg, Mistress!”.
“Get it clean inside and out bitchdog and if I find even a speck that is dirty you’re getting caned”. She starts slamming Her ass violently back and forth onto his face and tongue. She starts ordering him to point his tongue and “tongue fuck my asshole and see if you can get deep enough to find more treasure. It’s NEVER deep enough and NEVER clean enough, you hear Me?”. She gets more and more with the anal tongue fucking, finally as She starts to cum, She smothers him, cutting off all of his air and ignoring his useless struggles. Finally he stops flopping around and is still.

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Queen Aryal - Treasure Hunt In My Asshole - Domina Planet

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