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Mistress Yuliya – Human Toilet Paper Duties – [ Club Stiletto]

Mistress Yuliya - Human Toilet Paper Duties - [ Club Stiletto]

Duration: 00:11:22
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
FileSize: 835 MB

Descriprion: Mistress Yuliya has come home from spending the day at a conference. During that time, she needed to use the public washroom. But she hates using normal toilet paper. It’s too rough on her delicate rose bud. So she decided not to bother cleaning her ass. When she got home, she found her slave hadn’t done any of his domestic duties and this enraged her. She decided to lock him in the cage and make him serve as her human toilet paper. She orders him to lick her ass clean with lots of deep tongue probing to make sure he gets all of her goodies out of her ass. Mistress Yuliya now moves into reverse position on the cage. She shoves her glorious ass right into her caged slave’s face and demands he lick her dirty butt hole clean. In her opinion, this is all he is good for. He is certainly not useful around the house. She plans on slowly removing normal food from his diet and substituting it with her waste until he no longer eats normal food. He will only survive on her waste. If she’s in a good mood, she might give him some vitamins once in awhile to keep hi alive. He will spend his life in the cage, serving as her full toilet and toilet paper. Imagine it’s you!

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Mistress Yuliya - Human Toilet Paper Duties - [ Club Stiletto]

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