Princess Lily’s Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums – Club Stiletto

Princess Lily's Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums - Club Stiletto

Lily is home from a long day at the office and enjoying a glass of wine. Her slave has been bound to her kitchen stool all day just waiting for her to get home so he can give her asshole a nice tongue bath. The camera moves around and you can see the slave eagerly eating Lily’s ass and what an ass it is, hanging over the chair it’s absolutely delectable. You get some great angles of both her butt cheeks but her sweet little bung hole too. “It’s important to get your tongue deep up that asshole” she tells her slave. Lily remembers that her slave hasn’t cum in a few months so she decides to let him stroke himself. “Would you like to cum, asslicker?” she asks him.

She gets up and releases one hand, the wrong hand, and tells him this will be his only chance to cum for at least another few months so he’d better do it while still focusing on his purpose, pleasuring her ass. “After you cum you’ll be eating it” she reminds him. The slave is rock hard and still eagerly licks her ass. She comments that she never wipes herself properly because she knows he’ll be licking it clean when she gets home anyway. “Maybe I should just bring you to the office then I’d never have to leave my desk, I could just do it right into your mouth.” She tells him that she would probably start sharing him with the other girls in the office also. “Imagine being the office toilet” she tells him. The slave is now holding off from coming thinking of the prospect of being a full toilet to an entire office of women. She has him move his head back so her asshole can be inspected. Look how nicely it glistens from the slaves saliva. He tells her he has to cum and she gives him permission to do so. He explodes and cum sprays everywhere. He thanks her and she tells him to stop licking her asshole and to lick up all the cum. He goes on his knees and starts licking the floor.

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Princess Lily's Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums - Club Stiletto

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