Princess Lily – Look At My Ass And Get Hungry For Your Dinner – Club Stiletto

Princess Lily - Look At My Ass And Get Hungry For Your Dinner - Club Stiletto

This scene opens with Princess Lily removing her panties as she sits on the toilet. She tosses them directly at you because she knows you’d love to sniff and lick them. She calls you ‘slave’ and tells you to crawl between her legs. She pees and tells you to drink it all up. She has to pee really badly this time and the stream is very strong. “Whatever you miss, you can suck out of the toilet bowl” she tells you. She says she wants you to crawl into the bedroom because she wants to talk to you about the next step in your toilet training. As she lies on the bed, she tells you you’ve been doing a good job drinking her piss but you need to advance to become her full toilet. In fact, you should long for everything that comes from her body. She talks about her spit, her sweat, her dirty water cup filled with hair after she shaves, her dirt, and the skin on her feet. “I need you to have a fetish for everything that comes from my body” she tells you as she rolls over to expose her amazingly plump ass, as she runs her hands over it to torment you.

She spreads her cheeks to show her anus and says she wants you to look at it, to get hungry for your dinner. “I want you just salivating looking at my sweet little asshole” she continues. She rolls onto her back, spreads her legs, and pulls her ankles up behind her ears so you get a bird’s eye view of her pussy and ass, which she runs her fingers over, to torment you even further. She informs you that with further training you will eventually exist exclusively on what comes from her body. The cost of feeding you will be zero; you will exist solely on her waste. “When you feel your stomach start to growl and you’re so hungry, you’ll be thinking about how badly you long for my piss and sch1t, my sweat, and my cum.” She says she will sometimes eliminate directly into your mouth, but other times she’ll stand over you to relieve herself. Anything you miss, you will eat off the floor. Lily gets onto her knees, waves her ass in your face, and tells you to get her loose by tongue-fucking her ass. She likes to make a feeding last a good 15 or 20 minutes. You get amazing close up views of her ass in this clip and she says she’ll start out by farting in your face to get you prepared for what’s going to happen next. She also reminds you that she can replace you at any time if you decide not to be her toilet. She wonders aloud, “What would people think of you if they knew that farts were your appetizer and sch1t was your dinner?” The camera moves in tight to show her anus, as she tells you she feels something coming…

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