Princess Lily – Slip and Slide Face Sitter – Club Stiletto

Princess Lily - Slip and Slide Face Sitter - Club Stiletto

Princess Lily is on the couch, laying on her side so you and her slave get a perfect view of her magnificent plump ass. “I know you are a virgin, so I’ve got you some extra virgin olive oil” she tells him mockingly. She then tells him she wants the oil on her ass and she wants it spread all over it by his face. She pours the oil on her ass cheeks and the slave uses his rubber mask to smooth it all over her ass until it glistens. “Get it nice and slippery for me so I can fuck someone else” she tells him. She then orders him to get his nose between her cheeks and then reprimands him because the oil is running down her legs and she only wants it on her ass.Soon her entire ass is nice and shiny like a new toy and she orders him back so she can rub her hands over it and now focus on teasing you with it. “I love teasing and tormenting slaves with my ass, especially when they tell me how desperate they are to worship it”, she says. Now the slave is ordered onto his back and Lily sits on his face and glides up and down and then seals his mouth and nose completely. “I love when he struggles, life should always be a struggle for a slave”, Lily tells him. Finally Lily sits down with her all her weight and tells the slave she will only get up when he cums and then looks in shock as the queer is not even hard. “I guess I’ll just get rid of him” she says and continues to relax even as he starts to kick. I bet you can shoot a big load for sexy Princess Lily?

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Princess Lily - Slip and Slide Face Sitter - Club Stiletto

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