Princess Lily – Stairway Heaven – Club Stiletto

Princess Lily - Stairway Heaven - Club Stiletto

As this scene opens luscious Princess Lily is climbing the stairs, wearing only her bikini and stilettos. You get some nice butt shots as she climbs. When she reaches the top you see her slave waiting on his back to be her toilet seat. First she starts out with some full weight face sitting and ass-smothering. She tells her slave to jerk his dick as seeing it flaccid is an insult to her. Her ass really looks amazing and you can imagine even through the discomfort of her weight on his face and his lack of oxygen that he is in heaven. Lily then stands up and tells the slave to kiss her ass cheeks to demonstrate what an ass kisser he is. She brings her sweet globes down to his face and he kisses eagerly, then she goes back to sitting on his face. “I always tell my boyfriend what a pathetic ass kissing bitch you are” she tells him. She gets up to let him take a breath but for only a second and before he fills his lungs she is back on his face. In anticipation of her real reason for sitting on him she starts to tell him about the night before, the Mexican food she ate and the tequila she drank. She’s going to give him a meal he won’t forget. Finally, she turns into a forward position oh his face and pulls the fabric from her bottoms to reveal her pretty pink bung hole. She tells him to open wide, she needs a human toilet. She hovers over his face so you can admire her ass, asshole and pussy first before she sits down to give him the ultimate slave reward.

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Princess Lily - Stairway Heaven - Club Stiletto

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