Mistress Ariel – A Good Two Weeks – Club Stiletto

Mistress Ariel - A Good Two Weeks - Club Stiletto

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Ariel is in her bedroom, sitting on her brother’s face when she here’s a knock on her door. It’s DAD!!! “”Princess are you in there?”” he asks. “”Don’t come in dad,”” she responds in a panic. “”I’m naked.”” She quickly places her hands over her brother’s mouth so he wouldn’t make a sound. Her dad remarks, “”I just wanted to let you know that your Mimi and I are heading out to the cabin now… we””ll see you in two weeks.

“” “”Oh, okay dad… love you,”” Ariel says. Then her dad asks, “”Have you seen your brother anywhere?”” “”No I haven’t dad,”” She giggles. “”Well let him know we’ve gone and make sure the two of you behave yourselves while we’re away,”” says her dad. “”We will,”” says Ariel as she giggles again and proceeds to sit on her borther’s face some more.

She looks down at him and announces that for the next two weeks, he will be licking her ass and pussy for hours everyday. She looks at the camera and states… “”It’s going to be a good two weeks.”” This video has super sizzling pussy licking and asslicking throughout the video.

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Mistress Ariel - A Good Two Weeks - Club Stiletto

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