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Mistress Ariel - Bro Wishes He Could Fuck Me

Their parents are still away on vacation so Ariel has all kinds of twisted games she likes to play with her slave bro. She is riding his face and making him lick her pussy and asshole while she jerks his cock. The cell phone rings and its their M0ther asking how they are doing. Ariel rats on her bro and tells them he has been misbehaving. She tells Ariel to tell bro that he BETTER behave and he will be punished when they return.

Then she slides forward with an evil grin and starts to push his cock near her ass and her pussy. She rubs his throbbing member against her pussy lips and he is begging to fuck her but she won’t let him. He complains and says it’s not fair since she has been fucking dad. Ariel laughs and says that’s because fucking daddy is so fucking kinky. She then continues to stroke his cock and push it against her pussy and ass until he is truly going crazy. She looks at the camera and says, “I bet you sick fucks out there would LOVE to fuck me,” she giggles her evil little laugh and continues his torture. Ariel is totally nasty in this video.

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