Mistress T – Very Expensive Therapy – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - Very Expensive Therapy - Club Stiletto

Duration: 00:06:53
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
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A long time client and fan of Mistress T came to see her for some therapy. He confessed that he had been watching her videos for a long time and was obsessed with the fantasy of being her full toilet. Mistress T saw this as an opportunity to test just how badly he desired to be her toilet.

She starts seductively removing her clothing and talking about how fantastic he would feel having the privilege of serving her bodily functions. She asks him what such a privilege is worth to him. The client produces a hefty chunk of cash but Mistress T is not satisfied. She continues to tease him and allows him to sniff her pussy and lick her ass so that he will become crazier and crazier for her.

She taunts and teases him mercilessly until he is nothing but a blubbering fool…. offering his entire wallet, credit cards and everything he owns for the privilege of being her toilet. Mistress T has a big smile on her face but she has many plans for financially ruining this poor bastard and making him serve ALL of her toilet needs.

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Mistress T - Very Expensive Therapy - Club Stiletto

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