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Mistress Ariel – Bro Obey Your Little Sister – [Club Stiletto]

Mistress Ariel - Bro Obey Your Little Sister - [Club Stiletto]

Descriprion: Ariel is relaxing on the bed playing with herself. She is getting very aroused and since her parents are still away on vacation, she decides t have some more fun with her brother. She calls out to him and he comes into the bedroom wondering what she wants. She tells him to cancel all of his plans for the afternoon because he is going to be her slave. Her brother protests but Ariel has blackmail evidence against him and threatens to tell their parents.

She then orders him to his knees and commands him to lick her feet. He resists but unable to ignore her orders under the circumstances. She really enjoys ramming her feet down his throat and making him lick every inch of them. Then she decides it’s time to make him lick her ass. She strips her bottoms and leans over the bed so he can have full access to her nice juicy bum hole. She orders him to lick and suck on her asshole. She really pushes him hard and is very demanding.

The poor bastard would rather be shooting pool with his buddies, but Ariel has him on a short leash and he MUST be her slave the entire time their parents are away. She continues to make him suck her ass over and over.

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Mistress Ariel - Bro Obey Your Little Sister - [Club Stiletto]

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