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Mistress T - Your Steamy Hot Dinner

You come home to your gorgeous wife (Mistress T) and find her sitting on the kitchen counter, looking sexy enough to ‘eat’. She’s figured you out though, she knows what you want to eat, not only her ass but her schl1t. She tells you that she has noticed how obsessed you are with her ass, even when you could be eating pussy, you always slide down just a bit further to taste her sweet rosebud and you get extra hard when it’s not so clean. Tonight she is going to change your life because of your addiction.
“If you love it so much I don’t know why you also shouldn’t love everything that comes from it” she tells you. She then tells you that she is making you a special dinner which will be ready any minute and she hasn’t even spent a second near the stove. She then tells you to pull out your cock and to start stroking it. She pulls her legs back and now her ass hole is right in your face. She tells you to lick it, to kiss it, to tease it, to loosen it up, to get a taste, and then to wrap your mouth around her butthole. She wants to see you cum while you eat her schl1t. This is your new life and you will hurry home from work every day, day after day, to re-live it all over again. You don’t mind the same meal every night, right?

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Mistress T - Your Steamy Hot Dinner

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