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Mistress T - Making Him Straight Again

The young man in this video has a nasty habit of jerking off to porn. Not just any kind of porn, but cuckolding porn. He particularly likes to jerk off to the cuckold sucking off the guy, to the point that members of his church group are afraid he has become gay. They’ve recruited the ultra-feminine Mistress T to rekindle his interest in women and set him on the straight and narrow. (Well, the straight at least).

Mistress T slowly and sensually persuades him that he craves her feminine curves, the scent and taste of her pussy, her ass, her breasts. In a few short moments, he has a raging boner, which of course, Mistress T does not permit him to do anything with. She is merciless with him. It’s safe to say this guy has been converted and will be jerking off to the memory of her tonight, and not of that nasty porn he used to watch.

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