Mistress T – Clean it Up Cuckold – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - Clean it Up Cuckold - Club Stiletto

Mistress T is the Queen of cuckolding. She has just finished getting royally fucked by her bull lover and now it’s time for her sissy little cuckold to clean it up. “”Can you imagine what the boys in the office would say if they knew you were my submissive little cuckold that calls his wife Mistress?”” She asks him. He is so embarrassed by his desires he can’t even respond. Mistress T then tells him, “”At the next office party I want you to call me Mistress under your breath, and I want you to remember nights like this, when you are kneeling beside me while I get pounded by that huge cock.

My lover fucking my pussy and ass and filling it with his cum. I want you to remember the taste of another man’s cum as you suck it out of my asshole.”” Her cuckold moans in embarrassment. She then shows him the destruction of her asshole. She parts her cheeks so he can see the cum oozing out of her ass. “”You know what helps the cum come out of my asshole?”” she asks him. “”Gravity. So assume the position… face up… tongue out!”” she commands. The slave gets on his back so Mistress T can sit on his face and gravity will help him suck all the cum out of her asshole. “”How’s it taste?”” she asks him. “”Not that good,”” he responds. She punches him in the balls and says, “”Shut up! I’m going to put you into chastity for 30 days for complaining.

You need to learn respect. You should love the taste of another man’s cum. Everything is about MY pleasure… not yours.”” Her poor cuckold licks and sucks on her asshole as gravity also helps him get it all out of his beloved Mistress. Whenever he complains, Mistress T adds more length to his chastity period. She sits hard and long on his face and bounces to help make the cum come out. The entire time Mistress T continues to berate him, humiliate him and degrade him. The poor cuck simply sinks deeper and deeper into a state of lowest self esteem. That’s EXACTLY the way Mistress T wants him to feel so can completely control and dominate him.

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Mistress T - Clean it Up Cuckold - Club Stiletto

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