Mistress T – Daily Asslicking Duties 2 – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - Daily Asslicking Duties 2

Mistress T wakes up and summons her slave. It’s time for him to perform his daily asslicking duties. Mistress T loves to have her ass licked immediately upon waking up. It gives her ass such a fresh feeling to be licked and freshened up by a moist tongue. It also help relax her and prepare her to release.

She loves having her asshole completely relaxed so she can deliver all of her goodness without any restriction. She moves through various positions as her slave continues to dutifully lick her ass. She does this because it ensures he doesn’t miss a single crack or crevice in her ass that needs attention. Naturally her slave is only too eager to lick and clean to her exacting specifications. This is truly an example of how beautiful life can be for Mistress and slave. These daily rituals are what makes the D/s lifestyle so incredible.

Think of all the oral worship and amazing experiences you would have serving in a total 24/7 D/s lifestyle. What would you give to spend a day in the life of serving Mistress T? How about a week? Maybe a month? Now is the time to live your fantasies.

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