Mistress T – No Going Back, toilet – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - No Going Back, toilet - Club Stiletto

This POV opens with Mistress T towering over you, since you are on your knees. “So you fancy yourself a sch1ct eater?” she asks you. She explains that this lifestyle is very extreme and once you say you are going to do it there will be no going back. “Also when you do it, I will expect you to jerk off and cum while doing it so I can see you love it to the very core of your being”, she continues. She wants to know you really need and will every day for the rest of your life. “Imagine being below me, your mouth wide open and your cock super hard” she says. Mistress T asks if you have fantasized about her doing it in your mouth and if you have jacked off while doing so. She explains that with this act she becomes part of you, how could you say no? It might be difficult at the start but soon you will eagerly hope it not only happens daily but numerous times a day. “It’s my waste, I’m getting rid of it, and there you are so desperate to take all of it.”

Next she asks if you could do it right now and to encourage you she moves so her beautiful ass is hovering over your face and proceeds to pull down her pants and panties. She tells you to start stroking your dick, she wants to know you are turned on. Now that you are hard she revels her full ass and asshole to you. “I want you to go the distance” she tells you. She explains that nothing on her body is as pungent as her asshole. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to get close and sniff and then a tiny little fart escapes from her ass. While you sniff her ass she wants you to stroke more, to build the anticipation, to be so eager. You might even be disgusted with yourself for having these desires but the truth is it’s the only way you get erect and you cum all the time imagining her filling your mouth. Why deny who you are, you will never escape your desires. Mistress T will progress you along the way. First it will be licking a dirty ass, then licking her right after using the toilet and then the final step. “You’re going to eat it, aren’t you?” she asks. Great verbals as Mistress T now hovers over your face with her ass, ordering you to stroke, and as you cum imagine she is filling your mouth. She wants to see you shoot a massive load and if you do she will know next time you are ready for the real thing.

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Mistress T - No Going Back, toilet - Club Stiletto

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