Mistress Irene – Every Nasty Blast – Club Stiletto

Mistress Irene - Every Nasty Blast - Club Stiletto

Mistress Irene has her slave bound to her stool as she wants him to show his devotion to her ass. She has him kissing her cheeks and then tells him that she’s feeling rather gassy. Suddenly she lets out a wet fart and the slave looks a bit stunned until she demands that he sniff it and my where are his manners? “Thank you Mistress” he says, after she scolds him, and as he sucks in all of her smell. She then tells the slave to smother himself between her massive ass cheeks. She only lets him move back when she has to fart again.

Irene talks about how her slave loves being her toilet and what that involves. “He’s not finished until everything is cleaned up” she says. Irene then looks over at you and says she loves disgusting men that she can use in any way and she knows you are one of those. “No safe words and you will be subjected to the most disgusting thing” she tells you. Eventually she has blasted the slave with five juicy farts. Finally she orders him to move her panties to the side as it’s time for his meal. Once she’s done with him she may just leave him there for the day with her taste on his mouth. Irene’s ass just looks amazing hanging over her stool.

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Mistress Irene - Every Nasty Blast - Club Stiletto

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