Mistress T – Lovingly Guided to Full Toilet Servitude – Club Stiletto

Mistress T is on the kitchen island with her boy toy on the floor gazing at her ass. “You’re so mesmerized by it” she says while she squeezes her cheek revealing her tasty bung hole. “You’ve always considered yourself an ass man but my ass really drives you crazy. Doesn’t it?” She continues. She shakes her sweet booty in his face and says he must think he has died and gone to heaven being able to worship it. She lets him lick it and says she has specifically been looking for a slave like him that she can corrupt entirely. “You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you?” She asks him. She then tells him she has been reading his journal and she knows he has a love hate relationship with her. “I’m a rich bitch, conceded, and the way I treat people makes you uncomfortable” she says, repeating words he wrote himself.

“But your conflicted and I turn you on and you’re hooked, you’re not going anywhere, and you’ll do anything I say” she says boldly. She then tells him that the reason she has him because she can see he is addicted and she is now going to train him to be her full toilet. We’re not going to give away the entire story here but you’re sure to be addicted yourself and hard as a rock as you listen to the rest of this scene as Mistress T takes him from a fear of toilet slavery to wanting nothing else more in the entire world than to have his mouth open and wrapped around her anus every time she needs to evacuate her waste. His future is as Mistress T’s full time and permanent toilet.

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Mistress T - Lovingly Guided to Full Toilet Servitude - Club Stiletto

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