Mistress Kandy – Clean That Ass Right Out – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy - Clean That Ass Right Out

“After a nice long walk in the woods, what do you think Mistress likes?” Kandy says as this bedroom scene opens up. “Yes, a nice long rimming of my dirty asshole” she adds as she looks you in the eyes and smiles because she knows you hunger for her gorgeous plump ass and even more so when you know it’s sweaty and dirty.

“That’s all I want for hours and hours” she tells you and says if you can’t do the job there is always a long line up of ass lickers that want the job. As her licker eats her ass she decides to sit full weight on his face. She orders him to keep his tongue active even as he fights to breath underneath her. Kandy’s body looks amazing, her big ass and large full breasts and all those curves. “You have one job and that is to clean my ass” she says. She asks if you think you can do better. “Hundreds have licked it so you better be good at it.”

Now Kandy moves in a reverse position and again sits full weight on ass boys face. Kandy comments that she knows slaves like her ass dirty so she makes a point of keeping it in that state. Now the slave has gone some time without air and he starts to kick but Kandy makes him fight for some time before giving him a breath. She then sits full weight again and starts playing with her pussy. She loves touching herself with a tongue up her ass and the joy of seeing the slave kick in desperation.

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