Mistress Kandy – Lick My Body My Boyfriends Coming Over – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy – Lick My Body My Boyfriends Coming Over - Club Stiletto

What a lucky slave you are! Kandy has promised you a reward for your hard work and that reward is body worship. She climbs gracefully onto the bench and kneels on all fours. She instructs you to start at the bottom, and that means licking all the gunk off her feet. There’s a lot of stuff on the bottom of her soles – loose hair and “who knows what some of that is” she says, laughingly. She directs you to move up her legs, kissing everywhere as you go, and then she maneuvers you right between her glorious ass crack. “Get in there and give it a good sniff” she orders you. “Oooh, it’s really ripe today” Kandy adds, explaining that she has put off showering or having a bath just for you. She pulls her panties sexily to the side so you get a full screen view of her anus, and tells you to get your tongue deep into her hole and to lick her properly. She says you’ll have to take harder beatings to earn the privilege of licking her pussy, so today it’s ass only. She tells you she doesn’t need toilet paper with you around; that’s what you’re for. She lays on her side and spreads her cheeks again. “I’m tired so I’m going to rest now while you tongue my asshole”. She makes it painfully clear to you that real men are fucking her and she wants to know you’re happy that she’s being pleased and that you enjoy being permitted to help her pick out lingerie and such for her men. “You’re a dirty ass-licker” she reminds you and then she orders you to lick her ass some more. Now it’s time for you to lick her armpits – they got oh-so-sweaty when she was beating you! She shows you her tits but of course you aren’t allowed to come near them, so she tells you to get back to work on her armpits. To torment you even further, she plays with her pussy and then brings her fingers up to your disgusting slave mouth so you can have a taste… but just a small one! Finally, she orders you to worship her feet again. “You know you’ll always end up at my feet; that’s simply where you belong” she says, and you know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Mistress Kandy – Lick My Body My Boyfriends Coming Over - Club Stiletto

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