Mistress Kandy – Clean My Ass for Step-Daddy – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy - Clean My Ass for Step-Daddy - Club Stiletto

In addition to all his money one of the things Kandy liked about her new billionaire husband was his two young stud sons. She knew she would have them wrapped around her fingers in no time and know she has the two lads competing against each other for her affection. Kandy just loves the control and subjecting them to her farts and using them as her full toilet are some of her favorite things. As this scene opens we find Junior 2 locked in the cage licking Kandy’s asshole. “Everyone loves licking my ass, including my boys” Kandy says, letting out a short yelp as the tongue slides deep inside her hole. Kandy explains that she has been more pleased with this step-brother recently so he is getting the reward of her ass today. She sits down firmly on his head and soon you can hear the ass licker is desperate for air but not wanting to stop licking for fear he might be replaced. Kandy’s ass looks amazing. Kandy is working on a cum collection project to feed one of her other slaves and says she might just have this one contribute to the cause if he pleases her. Kandy tells Junior they have a good thing going on, Step-Daddy is busy and comes to give Kandy a good hard ass fuck, and then she is left alone to use the boys for whatever she might have in mind… including eating all of Daddies cum from her ass of course.

“If Step-Daddy finds out you’ll be the one in trouble” she tells Junior. “I’ll just divorce him and take all his money and then you really will have no other option than to be my full time slave.” Kandy talks through the scene about how she uses the boys and Step-Daddy for her own benefit. It’s super erotic family kink. Kandy turns and sits down giving you a great view of her puckered bum hole but not for long as Junior is eager to get his tongue back inside it. “Clean me out for Step-Daddy” she encourages Junior adding “Step-Daddy likes my ass really clean before he sticks his dick in there.” Kandy decides she is going to let Junior lick her pussy because she is really horny and wonders how jealous her other boy will be who is currently locked in her toilet box, her waste, all over him. “He is going to lay stinking in there for a day” she says while this lucky boy gets to eat her sweet pussy. “You might be my special pussy eating step-son and your step-brother will be my sch1t eater”, Kandy says to encourage him. She says there will be less confusion if each has a specialty. Now Kandy lays back with her crotch really pushed into juniors head forcing his neck painfully back against the hole in the cage. To his credit he doesn’t stop eating though. Kandy has a gentle orgasm and then tells Junior not to go anywhere she is going to go check on his step-brother. She walks from the room as Junior remains locked in the cage, hoping she will return to give him some more. What a wonderful family!

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