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Mistress Kandy - It's a Woman's World Now

As the afternoon visit between Mistress Kandy and Mistress Tora, Mistress Kandy demonstrates her dominance and ownership of junior. She has him worshiping her boots and then teases him by removing her panties and pushing them into his nose. First he must sniff her pussy region of the panties… then he must sniff the asshole region. She laughs because junior has a raging hard on but that might never get any action unless junior can display just how well trained and submissive he really is. Kandy wants to show Tora her complete ownership of junior.

Now it’s time for some serious ass licking. Kandy wants her ass licked with feverish passion, like a hungry cat lapping at a bowl of milk. She makes junior remove his panties and orders him stroke his cock right to the edge of cumming. She makes him lick her ass for a very long time as Kandy and Tora discuss how much the world has changed and how it truly is a Woman’s world now. They literally own men and the men have never been happier.

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