Mistress Kandy – Yes Mommy, I Love Daddy’s Cum – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy - Yes Mommy, I Love Daddy's Cum - Club Stiletto

Kandy is kneeling on her discipline bench and her husband has just left for work. Cum is running out of her pussy and ass and she orders Junior into the room. As he crawls in naked she tells him she has a busy day planned and the last thing she needs is cum running down her legs. She asks Junior if he can smell it and then orders him to lick it up. “Daddy made you with his cum years ago and now you’re eating it” Kandy says mockingly. “What would he think if he saw you now?” she adds. Kandy tells him she wants big sloppy loud licking sounds as he eats Daddy’s cum. She has him move back to spread her ass cheeks and you can see Junior has done a good job licking it up but she tells him “The cum will probably keep running out so you might have to stay there for hours.”

She makes Junior say he loves Daddy’s cum and then he has to tell her that he loves her waste too. “I’m a responsible mother and I make sure my boy gets fed every day” she says. She surprises him by saying a bunch of her girlfriends are coming over too and they will all use him as a toilet. Kandy then tells Junior she has a task for him when he goes on his weekend fishing trip with Daddy. “I want you take a picture of yourself sniffing Daddy’s worn underpants” she tells him with a huge grin. To juniors credit he never stops eating Kandy’s ass with the same enthusiasm. It then gets worse when she tells him she wants a video of him licking the crotch of the dirty shorts. “Daddy is so horny, he’s going to be beating off all weekend so there will be a lot of dry cum for you, junior” she says. She also mentions that he should make sure Daddy has a lot of alone time so he can masturbate a lot. She tells him to also check the garbage can for cum filled tissues and to eat them. There’s no level of depravity that Kandy won’t subject junior to. Junior is now ordered to spread Kandy’s Ass and Pussy wide open so he can do a final search for cum. You can see that Kandy is squeaky clean now. Kandy tells Junior he is a good boy and she’s proud to have him as a son. Suddenly she feels more cum coming out of her ass and she sends Junior back in to give her a good ass probing with his tongue.

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Mistress Kandy - Yes Mommy, I Love Daddy's Cum - Club Stiletto

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