Miss Sadie – Sadie, takes his breath Away – Club Stiletto

Miss Sadie - Sadie, takes his breath Away - Club Stiletto

Sadie walks into the bedroom where her slave is laying on the bed, his head under a towel. She jumps up onto his chest, removes the towel and says “Did you miss me?” She shifts up to sit on his face and tells him that breathing is a privilege. “It must have been so nice for you just laying here all day breathing” she says as the slave now starts to kick below her. She leans forward and slowly grinds her butt on the slaves face allowing him to breathe in her essence. “Kiss my ass cheeks” she tells him and then scolds him for being to eager. “Slowly you fool” she tells him. Sadie now turns into a reverse position again sitting firmly on the slaves face and arching her back to insure the now erect slave doesn’t cheat and catch some air. “I only let this bitch cum once a month” she says as she reaches forward and gets his pre-cum on her fingers. She reaches underneath her ass and makes him lick it up. Sadie hops off the slave and reaches for a cane on the bedside table. She flogs his legs and then removes her pants. She says her run was so satisfying and she knows she is still sweaty.

Now you get a magnificent view of Sadie sitting on the slave, leaning forward and gyrating her ass. It’s so magnificent. She looks at you and says “I bet you’d drag your dick through broken glass just to lick the sweat from my asshole, wouldn’t you?” Sadie leans forward and you get a great visual of her from behind in the mirror as she tells the slave to tell her how much he loves her ass. He says he does and she slaps his hard cock replying “I think he does.” She then sits down and this time tells him to hold his breath. She lets him kick and when she gets up she slaps his legs before immediately sitting down again. Now she slides her panties to the side and tells the slave to get his tongue on her ass crack and up her hole. “I bet you wish I’d use you as my toilet, don’t you?” she asks him. Now more gyrating and grinding of her butt before she sends the slave off to prepare dinner. She looks at you and says “It’s nice to have bitches around; you’re one of my bitches too, aren’t you?”

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Miss Sadie - Sadie, takes his breath Away - Club Stiletto

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