Mistress Violet Viper, Miss Olivia Serpente – Our Ass Wipe – Domina Planet

Mistress Violet Viper, Miss Olivia Serpente - Our Ass Wipe - Domina Planet

Mean Teen Queen Violet Viper has been giving a tour to an exchange student from Femdom University Europe, Miss Olivia Serpente. She has already explored the smothering and foot worship classes, but today Violet has a special treat for Her.

They saunter into the dungeon, Violet wearing a black zip-up jumper with booty shorts that ride up Her hot little ass, while Miss Olivia looks incredible in a black PVC dress and a black general’s cap. They walk up to the slave, and Violet announces the slave’s duty:

“As you are obviously aware slave, Women are superior to men. You will demonstrate this by worshipping our assholes. Not just our asses, but both our rectums better be smelling like daisies when you’re done sucking them clean, pig”

Violet climbs on top of the slave, straddling him with Her long legs. She reaches behind Her jumper and unzips it, open up the back and spreading Her sweet round asscheeks open, Her brown rosebud winking at him.

“First lick everything on the outside clean, slave. I took a dump earlier and I don’t know how good of a job I did wiping. Sweet tasting isn’t it? Now point your tongue and start tongue punching my anus…NO! Harder, get your fucking worthless tongue in through the ring!”

Miss Olivia gets behind him and grabs his head with Her hands and starts pushing his head deeper into Violet’s open ass and gaping anus, his tongue disappearing inside the depths as Her asshole swallows his tongue inside. She sits down onto his tongue, telling him to keep tongue fucking Her delicious anus. She starts bouncing up and down on his face and tongue harder and harder, he screeches in pain but Olivia keeps his head held tight. She smothers him at the end and then climbs off of him, offering his face to Miss Olivia.

She has him start by paying reverence to Her perfectly round ass, kissing the cheeks back and forth while Violet supervises this time. Instructing him what to do and pushing his head hard into the beautiful panty-clad ass. Finally, She pulls the thong aside and Violet orders him to start licking the now open crack. He starts to give it wet licks up and down, but Miss Olivia gets impatient and starts bouncing up and down on his now outstretched tongue, as Violet orders him:

“Keep that fucking tongue out and taste Her asshole! Now swallow! Swallow Her ass juice, slave, and get used to that taste”

Olivia grinds down on his face one last time and seems satisfied, She climbs off of him and Violet decides She wants one last deep cleaning. She climbs back onto his face, spreading Her cheeks wide, and orders the slave:

“Tongue out, slave! Here it comes”

She settles down onto his tongue and face, smothering him and making him blind and helpless. In the meantime, Miss Olivia gets up and stands in between his outstretched legs and steel chastity-encased cock. Violet motions toward his bulging balls, filled with cum because he hasn’t been allowed an orgasm in weeks. Miss Olivia winds up and kicks the exposed balls, causing the slave to buck wildly under Violet’s ass, but She holds him down and Olivia kicks them again, this time he flops around so hard, he does manage to scream before Violet smothers his mouth with Her open anus again.

They finally get off of him and Violet says:

“Your breath smells like ass, slave. Open your toilet mouth!”

She spits in his mouth and Miss Olivia follows. They don’t exactly hit the target, so they both try again with marginal success, so Violet just scoops up the spit and wipes it on the pig’s tongue before they leave him, laughing.

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Mistress Violet Viper, Miss Olivia Serpente - Our Ass Wipe - Domina Planet