Lady Moon – Human Buttplug II – Domina Planet

Lady Moon - Human Buttplug II - Domina Planet

Lady Moon is training a new slave who She is putting through his paces. She’s already made him smell and taste Her dirty socks, worship and clean Her feet, deep throat them and a full session of smothering under Her camel-toe booty shorts. Like a lot of new Dommes, She is over-aggressive with Her slave to firmly establish the pecking order and Her authority. The slave doesn’t know it yet, but eventually She will convert him to a toilet slave and needs to condition him to the smell and taste of Her sweet little ass.

She has the slave supine and chained on a sofa bed. She walks in wearing a pair of black PVC shorts with a zip-up crotch, which She immediately unzips, revealing Her plump little ass. She straddles the slave with Her ass in his face:

“Slave, we’ve worked on breath control and now we’re going to do some advanced work combined with pleasuring me…specifically, my ass. You aren’t worth anything else anyway. I’ve had a long day at work and it’s dirty. Start by kissing my ass like the bitch you are”

“Yes, my Lady”

The slave starts lovingly kissing each cheek, which She quickly gets bored of. She reaches back and pulls Her shorts off and spreads Her cheeks wide, revealing Her puckered brown starfish.

“Start lapping away at it, lick it and suck it clean. I know you love it when it’s dirty…how does it taste?”

He starts slurping away at Her dirty hole, licking and sucking while She pulls on his leash to pull his head further in. She starts rocking back and forth on his pathetic face as She starts to enjoy his ministrations. She goads him on to lick faster and then stops. She spreads Her cheeks VERY wide and orders him:

“Stick your tongue out hard and straight, slave. You’re going to stick that tongue as deep inside my asshole as possible, and DO NOT take it out of my tight little hole for a single second or I’ll destroy your balls with the flogger and they do make an inviting target. You will hold it there for 15 seconds. GO!”

He points his tongue and She slams Her puckered round hole onto it, his face disappearing between Her perky little cheeks. She starts counting down, as he struggles to keep it extended. After about 10 seconds he apparently starts to get tired:

“KEEP IT UP THERE SLAVE! Don’t you dare move your tongue out of my hole, or we’ll start the count over again!”

He jerks his jaw forward more, his eyes squinting with the effort. Finally, She lets up, as he gasps for air and his tongue goes back in his mouth. She asks him:

“Can you taste what I had for dinner, slave?”

“Uhhh….pizza My Lady?”

“YES! Very good! But what toppings?”

She quizes him until he screws up and starts flogging him again, telling him:

“Tongue out, here we go with 30 seconds”

He sticks his tongue out and She swallows it with Her anus again.

“Get it deeper! You better keep it up there! BE MY BUTT PLUG”

She grabs his chain that’s lying behind his head with both hands, and uses it to cram his face flat against Her ass so that he starts struggling to breath and is screaming in pain, but She’s enjoying this too much. She closes Her eyes in pleasure as She feels the reverberations through his wet tongue lodged so far up Her sphincter that he is hitting Her G-Spot.

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Lady Moon - Human Buttplug II - Domina Planet