Mistress T – You’ll have to DEGRADE yourself – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - You'll have to DEGRADE yourself - Club Stiletto

Mistress T is standing by the fireplace and she tells you to crawl over. She tells you to look her over, from head to toe. “A woman like me is completely out of your league” she tells you. She wants you to think about what you could possibly do to even get the time of day from her. She rotates in front of you and brings her hand up to her perfect ass saying “Imagine what it would be like to be close to me, close enough to smell me.” She gravitates her ass in your face and sees you are hard just as she wants you. Your desire is important to her, she wants to see that you will do anything to please her. “I want you thinking that you don’t deserve this and you’re not good enough, I want you to know that with every fiber or your being, in a place where you are most vulnerable to do anything for me.” She says that only in this state, will the idea of eating her schl1t be appealing to you. She says she knows it might be something that previously repulsed you but now you know that only doing something extreme will get her attention. She stands over top of you, you feel weak and vulnerable and ready to follow any command. She slowly starts to slide down her pantyhose, her ass cheeks literally fall out into your face.

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Mistress T - You'll have to DEGRADE yourself - Club Stiletto

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