Mistress T – Edged And Edged And Edged – Club Stiletto

Mistress T - Edged And Edged And Edged - Club Stiletto

Mistress T is kneeling over her slaves face and stroking his cock. “I want to see how long you can handle having that big juicy ass over your face before you cum” she tells him. She then sits fully on his face and tells him to smell her pussy and asshole. She continues to stroke his hard cock. “Imagine how it would feel to fuck that pussy” she tells him, getting him more and more aroused. “I’m happy to keep you on the edge for hours” she tells him as she stops stroking and then slowly starts again. She squeezes his huge cum filled balls and then strokes again, repeatedly bringing him to the edge but never letting him release.

T switches from sitting and bouncing on his face to leaning forward so him and you get a great view of her big delicious ass. Lots of great verbals from Mistress T as she starts to talk about making her slave suck cocks, running a train on him, until he can’t hold any more. As he cums T switches from a ruined orgasm to more stroking, to squeezing and more stroking until she has milked him dry but denied him the full pleasure of an explosive release. In the background right on cue you hear T’s girlfriends in the background laughing. “My girlfriends know that you failed and tonight we are going to make a lot of money off of you turning you into our cocksucker.” She continues to squeeze every drop of cum out of him and tells him because he can’t control his releases he is now their cock sucking whore, today and always.

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Mistress T - Edged And Edged And Edged - Club Stiletto

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