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Mistress Kandy - Oral Slave Makes Kandy Cum

Kandy is naked and relaxing on the bed while her oral slave licks her ass. “When I get licked like this I get horny” she says. “I do need a few minutes though so I’m going to relax here while he licks away.” Kandy explains that she has had this slave locked up in his cold prison without food overnight as she knows that’s when he performs his best, when he is desperate to please her. Maybe she will even give him a special feeding if he does a good job. The slave licks passionately and you get a great angle of his tongue going over and into her sweet butt hole. Kandy wonders if you could do as good a job as this slave making him work harder hearing he can so easily be replaced. She tells him to move back so she can spread her cheeks wide and let you see all of her ass and hole.

Then he is back licking some more as Kandy’s arousal continues to grow. Now you get some real close up angles of just Kandy’s anus and the slaves tongue. Kandy rolls over on her back and tells the slave to lick her pussy now to get it good and wet. She tells the slave to go back to her ass while she fingers her pussy. She has her legs high in the air and between her fingers and the slaves tongue she is so aroused. She closes her eyes and starts to moan and groan. What a dream come true to be a sex slave for Kandy. She pulls his head into her ass and soon has a mind bending orgasm. The last minute of this clip shows Kandy sitting on the toilet taking a piss. She rubs some on her hand and brings it up for you to lick. When she gets up she tells you to stick your head in the toilet and to slurp up all her nectar. If you love Kandy Kink this is a clip you will want for sure.

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