Mistress Kandy – Junior, Smell Mommy’s Breakfast – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy - Junior, Smell Mommy's Breakfast - Club Stiletto

Straight to the good stuff in this scene as it opens with Kandy laying on her side and her ass cheeks spread wide. “Junior, I feel my breakfast is coming out” she tells Junior who is kneeling a few feet from her glorious ass. She tells him she had an omelet with bacon and her farts are going to be ripe. Then you see her anal cavity start to part and a sweet whiff of a fart expels itself from her ass. Quiet but potent as even Kandy reacts to the smell as it drifts right into Junior’s sinuses. Now she orders Junior in and tells him to get his tongue in her ass to take care of any juices that might be present. His tongue triggers her need to fart and this ripe sounding fart blows violently into Juniors face. He grimaces but when ordered to do so tells mommy that he loves her farts.

OMG Kandy has never been so happy that she married Junior’s Dad and now has his son as her blackmailed play thing. It just makes her so happy knowing he has to follow every order which has been wonderful in helping her expand to new levels of deviant behaviour. She makes Junior give her a big smile to show how happy he is. Junior keeps smelling then she backs him off so you can see the next two farts yourself. She makes him suckle her asshole like a new born would a nipple. Kandy wonders out loud what Daddy might do if he found out that Junior actually ate his breakfast from her ass, after all the gas is just a buildup to a big dump. Kandy then lets out another extra nasty fart and then quickly another. “Tell me how much you love them” she tells him. He tells her he does and then he is ordered to wrap his lips around her anus, it’s breakfast time for Junior. “What would Daddy think?” Kandy smiles.

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Mistress Kandy - Junior, Smell Mommy's Breakfast - Club Stiletto

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