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Mistress Kandy - Get That Tongue Right Into That Asshole

Mistress Kandy has been treating her young slave quite brutally and now she thinks he has earned a reward. She calls him to Her throne and tells him to worship her feet. She degrades him a bit calling him a neanderthal and a beast but the boy has let his mind go empty, as Kandy likes it, and just kisses her feet and then her legs as she directs him up her body. She shifts on the chair, bringing her legs up and makes him kiss her pussy through her panties. She then tells him to move her panties to the side as his reward is her asshole.

The slave eagerly eats her asshole and Kandy says he is much better than her old husband who has his own purpose, to give her money. “You’ll be eating my ass all night”, she tells him. Then she orders him to remove her panties so she can get on her knees and he can lick her ass from behind. Nice upward camera angles of Kandy’s ass and the slaves eager tongue. “Tongue punch my ass”, she tells him.

Kandy threatens to replace him with a 19 year old and the slave works hard to please her. She tells him to move back now and admire her asshole, and that gives you a tremendous close view of her wide ass and glistening bumhole so you can imagine you have earned her favour and are now being called back to finish the job. Good slaves love to eat ass so you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection to help your addiction to Kandy’s ass get even stronger.

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