Mistress Kandy – All Working Hard for It – Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy - All Working Hard for It - Club Stiletto

Mistress Kandy has Junior on hand but she talking to you today and explaining what your life will be like as her full toilet. “Eating from me is a very important part of your day” she explains. While Kandy talks to you Junior is given the task of worshiping her feet. Kandy talks about the texture and how it can change from day to day. “Sometimes I might just leave little gifts around the house for you and you will have to crawl around to eat it all up, but other times you will be laying on my bed with your mouth open so I can settle my hole right on your face” she explains. She will make you kick for air while your tongue burrows deep into her puckered butt hole knowing what is soon to come.

“A tongue always gets my asshole nice and lose and when I start ripping my nasty farts you know it’s feeding time” she adds and then stops to look at Junior to ask him if he likes her farts. “Yes mommy” he replies. Kandy explains that learning to love her farts is an important step in your training. Once you long for her smell, consumption becomes the natural next step. You will drink her nectar as well of course but everything from her body is a blessing and you should have no limitations. Now Kandy flips on her stomach and tells you crawl close and to sniff her ass through her see through panties. You should be able to smell all her farts she’s blasted already today. She has Junior pull down her panties and while Junior separately wants his tongue up there she only wants him to spread her wide so you can see it nice and close. She tells you to kiss her anus and to make Junior jealous. Kandy tells you to stroke your cock because you should think of toilet duties as your primary sexual desire. If Kandy ever allows you to cum it will be with a full mouth. You will feel most loved when you are eating from your Goddess. She then orders Junior to tongue fuck her ass, to kiss it and lick it. Now she talks how she likes making slaves compete for her intimate gifts, “seeing you all work hard for my…”

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