Mistress Bambi – Step-Sis knows Best – Club Stiletto

Mistress Bambi - Step-Sis knows Best - Club Stiletto

As we saw in recent Bambi clips, she caught her step-brother Howl sniffing her dirty panties and promptly turned him into her slave. In this scene Bambi is just getting home and is shocked when she walks into the bedroom to now see her step-sister asleep on the bed with her dirty panties scattered on the bed and a pair over her nose. “What the fuck is with this family?” she asks rhetorically. The scene rolls over and Bambi now has her step-sis on the floor worshiping her feet. “Turns our your just like Howl” she says. She tells her that she will be her slave just like he is and will do only as she says and her pussy is her private property from now on. She stands up and they kiss passionately.
She tells her bitch to get on the bed, Bambi pulls up her dress and tells her to sniff her pussy through her panties. They kiss first and Bambi says she is going to see who the best slave is in the fam. She asks her if she has always fantasized about her pussy and she confesses that she has. “I have about yours too” Bambi says and then tells her to take off her pants so she can see it. She tells her to lay back on the bed and spread her legs. They kiss while Bambi fingers her sweet wet hole. Bambi tells her she will be touching her pussy every day and she will always do exactly as she is told. Now Bambi lays back and tells her slave to pull off her panties and sniff them. She is then ordered to go down on her. Some great camera angles of the slave from behind with her ass up and her mouth eagerly servicing Princess Bambi. After years of sexual tension between these two step-sisters the relationship has taken a sudden turn… for the better.

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Mistress Bambi - Step-Sis knows Best - Club Stiletto

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