Mistress Bambi – Panty sniffing LOSER – Club Stiletto

Mistress Bambi - Panty sniffing LOSER - Club Stiletto

This scene opens up with her big delicious ass on his face and him fighting for air. “I control everything about you, even the air you breath” she tells him. She gives him short breathes and makes sure he truly admires her ass before telling him to take in more air and then sitting on him demanding that his tongue go deep in her hole. She loves being rimmed as you can see from her thrashing and moaning. “You’ll be eating my ass everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner” she tells him. She leans forward and has him spread her cheeks so you see her sweet tight hole, then back on his face for some more. She looks at you and says “Don’t you wish I was sitting on your face?”

Bambi starts to rub Howl’s groin then reaches in his shorts and pulls out his cock. She then turns into a reverse position and tells him to rub himself and think about how bad he wants to serve her. She announces he will soon be put in chastity and now is also her toilet. She says he can only cum once a month and maybe she’ll let him knock her up… unless her boyfriend beats him to it. The scene ends with Bambi thrashing with arousal while Howl thrashes for air.

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Mistress Bambi - Panty sniffing LOSER - Club Stiletto

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