Mistress Ariel – Ariels Breath Control Training – Club Stiletto

Mistress Ariel - Ariels Breath Control Training

Mistress Ariel loves when slaves can last for long periods of time under her ass without needing air every 20 seconds. She finds that slaves who can’t hold their breath very long are really disruptive to whatever she might be doing as they squirm and fight for air beneath her. For this reason, she prefers slaves who can last for two minutes without air, but they are hard to find. The solution?

Train her existing slaves to survive on one breath for two minutes. The training is long, hard and brutal as she repeatedly pushes and pushes her slaves to last longer and longer under her ass. If you think you can be a good face sitting slave for Mistress Ariel, get in touch with her. But make sure you can handle two minutes without air or she will punish you like you’ve never experienced before.

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