Miss Medea, Princess Nikki – Used as Dirty Toilets

Miss Medea, Princess Nikki - Used as Dirty Toilets

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Did you know that Princess Nikki is not only a legendary Scat Queen, but can also speak a little German? In this clip, Princess Nikki and I train two human toilets in German to become our swallowing pee and shit toilets. First we fill one slave mouth with our huge load of golden shower, then the other slave has to fulfill his toilet duties. We enjoy peeing in our toilet holes alternately so they can taste both of our sacred juices. Then we command our slaves to lick our assholes. It’s a lot of fun to perform a toilet education with a like-minded pervert like Princess Nikki. Finally the time has come. By wetting our assholes, our slaves have intensified our urge to poop. Together Princess Nikki and I press out our turds into the trembling mouths of our shit holes. I decide that the slave who swallows the fastest will be rewarded with a second load of dirty shit! Princess Nikki and I enjoy sharing toilets. This is how our shit gets mixed up in the mouths of the slaves and they have to carry both of us in them! Our toilets were damn lucky to get shit in their mouths from two goddesses at the same time! They will surely remember this awesome experience for a long time. Watch as we deposit our entire load of scat and golden shower in our slaves and train them to become good toilets.

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Miss Medea, Princess Nikki - Used as Dirty Toilets

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