Miss Medea and Ezada Sin – The perfect Slave Reward

Miss Medea and Ezada Sin - The perfect Slave Reward

Ezada Sin and I decide to play with her sub today. She told me that her slave is dreaming about licking my beautiful asshole, at least one time in his life. Today we will reward him a little, because he has taken a lot of pain & humiliation before. So Mistress Ezada is opening his chastity cage, while I tease him with my ass. Obviously our slave’s reward will mostly be about our pleasure! Mistress Ezada really enjoys edging his cock, while I will teach her slave how to lick my asshole. I am sitting on a special facesitting chair, which allows our slave to reach my asshole comfortably. At the same time Mistress Ezada gives him a tease & denial handjob, always reminding him that his cock is just our plaything! As our slave is getting more aroused, I notice that the quality of his ass licking is improving. Therefore I tell Mistress Ezada not to let him have an orgasm. He should stay horny and keep licking my butt! Of course we also humiliate our slave and make sure he understands that my asshole is the only thing he will ever lick. This is the dirtiest part of my body, but for a slave like him it becomes a thing he needs to worship. Mistress Ezada brings him very close to orgasm, but our slave is not allowed to cum. In the end, we lock him back up in his chastity cage.

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Miss Medea and Ezada Sin - The perfect Slave Reward

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